Monday, 11 January 2010

Love at First Throttle

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you my new girlfriend.. (I have two, but since one of them talks on the phone right now, I'll speak about the green one)

Where was I? Yes, right - so this is my new girlfriend - the Ninja 250R. I acquired it 6 hours ago and we already managed to have some really hot moments together (So hot that the needle from the temp-gauge was hanging in between). 

This baby's purpose was to replace my earlier Honda CBR 125R which served me well for  almost 2 months. Which it will do, I think with excellence. It's got the looks of its bigger brother Z6 and from 5 meters you could even take it for a Z6 if you see it frontally.

The European edition has no choke which means that the intake is somehow digitally adjusted which is just great. Not that I am against the old-style choke things, but its place isn't on a sport bike like this one.

Amazing sound of the engine for this low displacement bike, great push and very high-rev loving.

I feel like this affair will last more than a couple of weeks. 

Engine: 249cc, inline twin cylinder, around 30 HP 
Weight: 150kg (dry, add some 20 kg for the liquids) 

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